Vision Statement

is to grow in faith and share our faith in God with the world around us. In order to achieve this mission we will:--Strive to be an "open-door" church, actively reaching out and welcoming all persons. --Give our very best effort towards our weekly corporate worship services.--Provide opportunities for service, outreach, and improvement in our community as  well as in the global community of which we are a part. --Model the body of Christ in our inclusiveness of the gifts of all persons and in our relationships with one another as a covenant community, as well as in our daily living.  

Mission Statement

is to encourage our members to:  Keep moving toward a fuller and deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ; Keep making Disciples so that the body of believers can be equipped to live as God commanded; and Keep ministering by using the gift(s) that God has given you to serve Him and the needs of others.