The meaning of life is for us to discover that we are true children of an infinitely loving and merciful God, to find out what our responsibilities are to our Creator, and to fulfill those responsibilities.  Click links below to learned more....

These people, these children of God, need you. Your life will not be at all hollow if you live for everyone, through Christ, and not just for yourself.

I don't know if what I'm seeking is God. I used to have faith growing up, but I don't think it was genuine. I can't seem to really love God, even though I know I should. I don't really LOVE giving things up for him. Even though I know that relationships and money and respect aren't what I really need, they are all I'm comfortable with. I don't want to do without them.

Don't think that what you are feeling is uncommon. The fact is, we live in this world, and so "worldly" things actually matter pretty much to all of us.

To have no desire for comfort and praise and human love is unnatural. God did not say we were not to enjoy as best we can this wondrously beautiful earth. What He did say was that we are to live here by His rules, not our rules. If we live by His rules, we can expect the earth to give us all the pleasure and joy that is possible for us.

         Usually, this is counter-intuitive. Therein lies our moral dilemma. In our own opinion, we would be happier living by our own rules. Wouldn't we be happier buying that new sports car rather than feeding people down at the mission? It seems so obvious. But it comes down to this: we trust in God. We trust Him to know better than we do. On blind faith? No. Because deep down in our hearts and souls we know the Truth. It is part of who we are, fight it as we will.

         We live a joyful, full life. We spread cheer and comfort wherever we go, trying to be a light in the darkness of people's sorrow. We do our best to share the rewards of God's gifts to us with the less fortunate, but we also take the time to live a full and rich life ourselves. We are fully aware that the end of this life is the beginning of the next, and so we do a little prudent planning. We do not worry about that journey, because we are already familiar with Who will greet us at the station.

        No one loves God the way they can love other people. It just isn't possible, or expected. But suppose you were only a baby when your father was listed as killed in action in the army. Now at the age of twenty, imagine how you would feel if your mom ran up to you one day with a telegram in her hand and said that he had been found alive, that he had been in a prisoner of war camp all this time, and that he was coming home.

       You would be overwhelmed with joy and love.

For a man whom you had never known!

  Why? Because he is your father.

     God is your father too.